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The meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Christopher Court clubhouse. Meetings begin at 7:00 pm. The following is a schedule of dates for the 2016 meetings:
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
APRIL 1, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 8:18pm.

PRESENT: Board members: Mark, Rhonda, Elizabeth, Marie, Mike, Leslie, Edna, Aaronette; Jeanette, Community Manager; Seven Residents; Sally, Recording Secretary.

ABSENT: There is one vacant Board seat.

1. A resident on Bishopstone Court mentioned the following: A) She would like to have residents recycle paper. It was responded every trash room has a container specifically for paper and cardboard. Sometimes the lid is left open so you cannot see which one it is. B) Her bike, which was locked and on the porch, was stolen. It was reported to the police but if anyone sees her metallic blue MTX bike she would appreciate a phone call. Question as to whether a rubbermaid shed can be put on the porch so the bikes can be stored out of site. It was responded that maybe more of an attraction.
ACTION - Jeanette will inform the security patrol of the theft.

2. A resident of Bishopstone Court asked if the hollies removed from outside 18450 Bishopstone Court were going to be replaced. It was responded the landscape proposal, scheduled to be reviewed this evening included a proposal for replacement landscaping.

3. A resident of Hellingly Place asked what should be done with florescent light bulbs as they contain mercury and shouldn’t be thrown out in the trash. It was responded they can be turned in at Home Depot. In addition, mentioned her down spout rattles so the bracket must be loose.
ACTION - Jeanette will have the bracket for the down spout looked at.

4. An owner of a unit on Hellingly Place asked where she could get information regarding the dramatic increase in assessments. Jeanette has been informed of her absentee address. ACTION - The Board authorized management to send a copy of the letter from the president which explained the budget needs.

5. A resident on Bishopstone Court stated he received a letter regarding the satellite dish placed on common property. He responded a number of places were checked for reception and it was installed in the only place the contractor could find. Jeanette read from the policy, dated 2/16/01, governing the installation of satellite dishes. The resident also mentioned the condominium fee is higher than any in the area and it does not include any utilities.

Request the minutes state that Robert Hydorn, President of the Montgomery Village Foundation, was scheduled to be present but was not in attendance.

MOTION by Marie to approve the March 4, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes as amended. Seconded by Mike. All voted in favor except Edna who abstained. The motion passed (7-0-1).


Landscape -
1. Mike reported the spring walk through was completed with Marie, Mark, Jeanette, Eddie Poole and himself in attendance.

2. It was mentioned nothing has been done to the hill of ivy. It was responded no work was approved for that area as the ivy is being given time to grow and fill in.

3. Flower Day - The event was scheduled for the Saturday after Mother’s Day. A postcard will be sent by management in the end of April. The location will be moved back to the middle parking lot between buildings 2 and 11 on Bishopstone Court. The event will be held between 9:00am and 12:00 noon.

Rules - Leslie reported the last revision is complete and has been sent to Mr. Kaplan’s office for review. Once approved it will be sent to the members for comment.

Montgomery Village - Mr. Hydorn will be invited to attend the May Board meeting.

Website Committee - Mike has included flyers and other information in the newsletter or the mailing with permission from the organization supplying the same. This permission may not carry over to the website, however, and a summary may need to be written. Mike is working with Mr. Wilson on this.


1. Appointment of Officers -
MOTION by Leslie to appoint Mark as President, Rhonda as Vice President, Marie as Secretary and Elizabeth as Treasurer. Seconded by Elizabeth. The motion passed unanimously.

2. Landscaping - The “Proposal for Landscape Enhancements” was presented by Poole Landscaping. Management broke down the proposal into the separate budget line items. It was also mentioned there were two trees, not covered in the proposal, which needed action. They were approved by Jeanette for removal and the grinding of the stump at a cost of $275.00. It was noted the smaller tree maybe under warranty.
ACTION - Jeanette will ask Eddie Poole if the smaller tree close to building 1 was under warranty.
MOTION by Rhonda to approve the proposal from Eddie Poole for Landscaping Enhancement, dated March 20, 2008 at a cost of $8,013.00. Seconded by Marie. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Community Pools - A proposal was received for the 2008 Recommended Pool Parts. The dive stand needs to be replaced though the diving board itself could last a couple more years, though the brackets may have weakened. It was requested the new diving board have more spring. Discussion ensued.
MOTION by Edna to approve the proposal from Community Pool Service, Inc., omitting the diving board tie down assembly, for a total cost of $6,401.85. Seconded by Elizabeth. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Trash Room Doors - Discussion ensued regarding the pros and cons of locking the trash room doors.
ACTION - The consensus of the Board was to continue to have the trash rooms doors with locks.


1. Construction - A pre bid meeting for buildings 5, 6 and 8 was held on Friday. The bidders will return the packages to Steve Dlugos, who will review and make his recommendations to the Board in May.

2. Construction of Bridge to the Community Center - Permits have not been issued. There is concern that some wood has deteriorated enough that it may need to be addressed. There is a reservation for the clubhouse on May 11 . There has not been confirmation th of the August wedding date inquiry.

3. E-Mail from Rhonda regarding Buildings 7 & 11 - The roofs were replaced in October. Rhonda reported debris in her attic and is concerned the attic beams and roofing boards are not touching. The resident on Hellingly Place also reported debris in the space above her unit. Discussion ensued as to whether letters should be written to the residents of the units with attics in building 7 and 11 or whether this issue should be addressed in future roof replacements. The roof replacement contract on buildings 7 and 11 was accepted as complete so any cleaning would be at the association’s expense.
MOTION by Aaronette to send letters to the residents of buildings 7 and 11 giving them 15 days to contact management if they have debris in the attic and want it cleaned. Seconded by Elizabeth

Discussion - Jeanette recommended in the future, the contractor be required to inspect all attics prior to work then give the homeowner a certain number of days to advise management of the debris.

Vote - Rhonda and Aaronette voted in favor of the motion. Leslie, Elizabeth and Mike voted against. Edna and Marie abstained from voting. The motion did not carry (2-3-2).

The April 1, 2008 Board Meeting adjourned at 9:52pm.
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